Jacob's Divided Camp

On the whole, division weakens a people, but not always. Jacob showed wisdom in dividing his camp before Esau in Genesis 32-33
►Many small good deeds can be more powerful than one great favor. It's easy to forget something that happens once, no matter how good it is. "Repetition is the mother of learning," they say.
►Esau wasn't a future-thinker. Jacob's servile abasement appealed to his pride & impetuousness. Once again, Jacob got what he wanted by giving Esau what he wanted. Nevermind that Esau would regret it many years later.
►A gentle answer turns away wrath. Esau expected anger, but found love instead. How do you respond to someone who answers your threats with gifts and a hug?
►In the face of a superior enemy, divide your forces. This is an oft-used guerilla tactic. If your amassed forces stand no chance, divide them up. Smaller groups are more mobile and force the enemy to expend more resources for every meaningless victory. In doing this, Jacob hoped and worked for peace, but prepared for war.

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