A Chiasm in Psalm 81 - God Is Waiting

All of Psalm 81 has some really cool and subtle references to God's grand redemption plan using Yoseph as a prefiguring of Yeshua, the "Lamb who was slain from the foundation of the world." I'm pretty sure that Asaph, the author, is also overlaying the Fall and Spring feasts in order to reinforce the same message: Israel's release from bondage in Egypt was decreed even while they were at the heights of power, just as mankind's release from bondage to sin was decreed before Adam was even formed, let alone sinned.

Maybe I'll write more about that later.

In this chiasm, Israel's betrayal is framed by God's redemption, including a promise to forgive them when they repent. There's also an implication of Israel's role as a nation of prophets and priests to the whole world. God wanted to open their mouths and fill it with his voice. He wanted (wants!) them to be a conduit for his message to the world, but they were unwilling to hear it.

They will not always be unwilling. Joseph's brothers didn't immediately recognize him or understand the language he spoke, but he revealed himself to them when he was ready. So too will Yeshua reveal himself to his brothers, most of whom are as yet unable to recognize him.

  • V6 – Relief from burdens
    • V7 – God’s response to Israel’s call of distress in Egypt
      • V8 – God calls Israel to hear him
        • V9 – Don’t serve false gods
          • V10a – I am your God and rescuer
            • V10b – Open your mouth & I will fill it
            • V11a – But you didn’t listen to my voice
          • V11b – You would not submit to me
        • V12 – God let Israel serve themselves
      • V13 – God calls Israel to hear him
    • V14 – God’s response to Israel’s repentance and call of distress in the world
  • V16 – Rewards from God

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