The Point of Everything Is Restoration

There is a chiasm in Genesis 44-45 centered on Joseph's drawing his brothers near. In this story, Joseph is a figure of Messiah who came to suffer and die so that his brothers might be restored to a right relationship with Him. This is really the whole point of the sacrificial system, the priesthood, the Torah: to bring us close to God.

Why is it all necessary? Why can't God just fix everything to the way he wants it? I don't know. That's above my pay grade.

A: 44:18-23 – Joseph talks with his brothers
    B: 44:24-32 – Jacob holds onto Benjamin (but lets him go)
        C: 44:33-34 – Judah begs to be allowed to stay with Joseph
            D: 45:1 – Joseph sends everyone away from him
                E: 45:2 – Egyptians heard Joseph weeping.
                    F: 45:3 – I am Joseph. My father is alive.
                        G: 45:4 – Come closer.
                    F: 45:4-5 – I am Joseph. God has preserved life.
                E: 45:6 – Famine in Egypt. 
            D: 45:7-8 – God sends Joseph away from Jacob
        C: 45:9-13 – Joseph invites Jacob & company to live with him
    B: 45:14 – Joseph embraces Benjamin
A: 45:15 – Joseph weeps and talks with his brothers

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