A Chiasm in Exodus 4:14-31 Showing the Love of God for Israel

A chiasm in Exodus 4:14-31 that highlights faith, obedience, and God's love for Israel.

V14 – The anger of YHWH against Moses
---V14-16 – Moses and Aaron are to speak to the people
------V17 – Take your staff for the signs
---------V18 – Moses going to Egypt to visit brothers
------------V19 – Go to Egypt. All the men are dead.
---------------V20 – Moses, wife, and sons on the donkey. Messianic reference.
------------------V21 – Speak to Pharaoh. Refusal and consequences.
---------------------V22 – Israel is my firstborn son
------------------V23 – Speak to Pharaoh. Refusal and consequences.
---------------V24 – Moses, wife, and sons at lodging place. Messianic reference.
------------V25 – Foreskin, feet, bridegroom of blood.
---------V27 – Aaron going to wilderness to visit Moses
------V28 – Moses told Aaron about the signs
---V29-30 – Moses and Aaron speak to the people
V31 - YHWH visited and showed mercy on the people who believed.

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