Election Day 2016

I'm not thrilled with the candidacy of Donald Trump. If I remember correctly, he got a D on my conservative score card. Better than Romney, Christie, or Bush, but still not good. On the other hand, I understand his emotional--and even intellectual--appeal to patriotic voters. Despite some serious problems with his character and politics, at least he has made some noises about protecting America from our most serious threats. If he wins the election today, I'll be nervous about America's future. There are a lot of potential problems.

On the gripping hand, I have no reservations whatsoever about condemning Hillary Clinton and everyone around her. She is evil, wicked, foul, disgusting...Whatever pejorative you care to toss her way, it will stick.

Gary Johnson... Please. What a joke.

If Trump wins, I'll be nervous. If Clinton wins, I'll be ashamed and sickened by what has become of America.

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