A Good First Step

New law prompts Calif. county to halt all weddings

(AP) Heterosexual couples are rushing to get married in a conservative California county that plans to halt all civil wedding ceremonies as gay marriage is set to be legalized.

Kern County Clerk Ann Barnett says Friday is the last day the county will perform civil weddings.

Starting Tuesday, when the California Supreme Court's order legalizing same-sex marriage takes effect, Kern will issue new gender-neutral marriage licenses as required by law. But couples seeking to get hitched will have to go somewhere else for the ceremony.

Barnett says the increased demand for ceremonies would overwhelm her staff and pose office security risks. She made the announcement after learning she could not marry only couples of her choosing.

They've stopped performing marriage ceremonies. (Someone is bound to sue. People can't be content to just live their own lives. They have to force everyone else to participate.) Now they need to stop issuing marriage licenses altogether. Then we'll really be getting somewhere positive.


  1. This is one case where I hope the rest of the country follows California. Or at least this one county in California.

  2. Yes. Can't say I'm excited about homosexual "marriages", but it could be a first step to getting government out of the marriage business.

  3. State-blessed marriages have always been queer.
    Now it's just increasingly obvious what the prince of this world, and those who serve him, are up to.


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