Subway Apologizes

...but doesn't retract:
To HSLDA [Home School Legal Defense Association]:

We at SUBWAY restaurants place a high value on education, regardless of the setting, and have initiated a number of programs and promotions aimed at educating our youth in the areas of health and fitness.

We sincerely apologize to anyone who feels excluded by our current essay contest. Our intention was to provide an opportunity for traditional schools, many of which we know have trouble affording athletic equipment, to win equipment. Our intent was certainly not to exclude homeschooled children from the opportunity to win prizes and benefit from better access to fitness equipment.

To address the inadvertent limitation of our current contest and provide an opportunity for even more kids to improve their fitness, we will soon create an additional contest in which homeschooled students will be encouraged to participate. When the kids win, everyone wins!
—Subway restaurants

There was a very simple solution to this problem that would have achieved Subway's goals without excluding anyone, but Subway has chosen the way of "separate, but equal." That's their right, of course. Since they only went half-way with this, I'll only go half-way too. I'll go to Subway if there's nothing else around.

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