Progressives vs Conservatism

I tweeted this yesterday (1/24/2018):

Someone reasonably asked why I thought that conservatives are any better than leftists. (I should have said "progressives", as it's a more accurate and descriptive term.)

Progressivism assumes several things that are diametrically opposed to Torah:
1) Humanity can be forced to change its fundamental nature through pressure applied by a wiser elite.
2) It denies what the Bible says about human nature and the sovereignty of God.
3) It relies on mass violence, theft, and the manipulation of people's basest instincts of greed to accomplish its ends.
4) It denies the right of people to continually reap the material benefit of their own labor and--possibly even more importantly--the costs of poor judgment and refusal to labor.

Whether by re-education, bullets, or eugenics, progressivism seeks to replace God. It repeats the lie of the serpent in the Garden that man can become his own god.

Conservatism has its flaws because it is usually unaware of what it is attempting to conserve. Some of the values our culture once held are clearly terrible and ought to be forgotten. We still have a long way to go. However, conservatism's primary goals aren't to remake human nature or to steal from one person or group to give to another. Its primary goals lie in maintaining an outwardly just society through the rule of law, in maintaining the foundations of a peaceful and orderly society: family, faith, respect for authority, etc.

I say "outwardly just" because conservatism does nothing in itself to address the inward state of anyone. It does, however, create an environment where more people will hear the Bible taught and see it lived than progressivism ever can.

Rank and file leftists frequently have some good intentions: equity of justice, mutual respect, etc., but the philosophy as a whole assumes the supremacy of man and the ultimate inconsequentiality of God. The nominally good motives of many leftists are necessarily applied in a manner that elevates man above God, and it reveals them to be either wicked at heart or hopelessly deluded.

Stand by the ways. Search and ask for the ancient paths." -Jeremiah 6:16

Progressivism is diseased in its very foundation and it only leads to death, while conservatism is only infected with residual corruption that isn't necessarily inherent in its nature. Some things really are worth conserving, and I'll take imperfect over degenerate every time.

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