Jacob, Esau, Yeshua, Rome, & Judah

I noticed some interesting parallels between the story of Jacob and Esau and the stories of Yeshua and the Jews. Make of them what you will. Comments are welcome.

Jacob and Esau
Genesis 25:21-23 Esau was older and stronger, but Jacob would rule over him. The nations are older and stronger, but Israel will rule over them.
Genesis 25:27 Esau was a hunter, but Jacob was a man of the tents. Messiah ben David is a conqueror, but Messiah ben Yosef is a teacher and servant.
Rome was a conqueror, but Israel was a teacher and bearer of God's promises and laws.
Genesis 25:29-30 Esau was famished and demanded Jacob's "red stuff". The world needed a savior and demanded the blood of Yeshua.
Genesis 25:31 Jacob demanded Esau's birthright in exchange for the stew. The world must humble itself, surrender its own birthright, and submit to Israel's king in order to be covered by his blood.
Genesis 25:32 Esau asked what good was a birthright to someone going to die anyway. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses his soul?
Genesis 25:34 Jacob gave Esau bread and lentil stew (red stuff). Israel gave the body and blood of their Messiah to save the whole world. Yeshua told us to remember his sacrifice whenever we eat of the bread and wine of Passover.
Genesis 25:34 Esau rose and went away. The body and blood of Yeshua enables either our or our condemnation, depending on the state of our hearts.
Genesis 25:34 Esau despised his birthright. We must despise our false heritage before we can receive a new one. (Just be careful not to despise the heritage of Israel.)
Genesis 27:15 Jacob wore the best garments of Esau. Yeshua wore the purple robes of a Roman emperor.
Genesis 27:16 Jacob wore the skins of two young goats, reminiscent of Yom Kippur through which the sins of Israel are atoned. Yeshua is our atoning sacrifice through which the sins of the whole world are atoned.
Genesis 27:18 Isaac expected Esau, but received Jacob whom he didn't recognize. Israel expected a conqueror, but received a servant whom they didn't recognize.
Genesis 27:35-41 Esau resented Jacob and plotted to kill him. The Pharisees resented Yeshua and plotted to kill him. Rome resented the Jews and plotted to kill them.
Genesis 27:42-43 Rebekah warned Jacob to flee Esau's vengeance. Yeshua warned the Jews to flee Rome's vengeance.
Genesis 28 Jacob went into exile from the Promised Land. The Jews went into exile from the Promised land.
Genesis 29-30 Jacob prospered and grew despite Laban's attempts to cheat and assimilate him. The Jews prosper and multiply despite the world's attempts to assimilate and destroy them.
Genesis 31 Jacob returns from exile to the Land. Jews are returning from exile to the Land.
Genesis 32 Jacob fears Esau and wrestles with the Angel. Jews fear their enemies in the world and wrestle with their role and the identity of Messiah.
Genesis 33 Jacob and Esau reunite in the Promised Land. Jews and grafted-in, former gentiles unite in the Promised Land.
Genesis 33:17 Jacob lives at Sukkot (tabernacles). Messiah returns to tabernacle among his people.
Genesis 33:20 Jacob builds an altar called "God, the God of Israel". Messiah cleanses the Temple and resumes the daily offerings on the altar.

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