The Game Plan: Good Call

When I checked the movie listings I didn't even mention this one to my son. I didn't think he'd be interested in a cute father-daughter story. Instead, we settled on Martian Child despite my misgivings about the pro-homosexual theme of the original book. (The reviews said that Cusack's character had been straightened for the movie version.) However, as soon as he saw The Game Plan on the marquee, all thoughts of cardboard boxes were out.

I was expecting another story featuring an incompetent father, but I was pleasantly surprised. Johnson's character was vain and self-obsessed, but not stupid. I think the audience heard the line, "Peyton needs her father," so many times that someone out there might get the idea that the writers think fathers are more than sperm donors and cash cows. Good for them!

I really liked this movie. And not just because Roselyn Sanchez was all over it. That doesn't hurt, though.

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