A Tale of Three Cities

Three Biblical cities illustrate the ways in which God deals with sinful men:

  1. Sodom was destroyed without warning and without mercy. Abraham bargained with God and won a single hope for Sodom, but God already knew that it was a false hope. He knew the hearts of the men of Sodom and so did everyone else, Abraham included. In a city of tens of thousands of people, Abraham asked God to spare it for the sake of only ten righteous men. I think he knew that they were not likely to be found.
  2. Thebes probably had a good number of righteous people. God offered Pharaoh and the Egyptians a chance to repent, and many of them accepted his offer, joining with Israel in the Exodus. Unfortunately, Pharaoh and the majority of his people did not and the entire nation suffered terribly.
  3. Nineveh received a reluctant prophet and immediately took his message to heart. The city repented and was spared.

So what city will you be when God exposes your sin? Will you ignore him, despise him, revile him, and be destroyed like Sodom? Will you fight him and try to compromise with him, and be divided and crippled like Egypt? Or will you surrender completely to him and be spared like Nineveh?

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