Messianic Christians and Jews

Messianic believers are Christians–at least by the biblical definition–whether they like that label or not. Of course, the modern Western usage of the term "Christian" carries a lot of baggage that doesn’t apply to Messianics. I understand a certain amount of resistance to the term (I prefer "believer" myself.), but to flat out deny that a Messianic believer is a Christian is very nearly a denial of Christ.

  • Messianic Jews held the "Christian" title before any gentile did.
  • "Christian" means "little Christ," which is what we are supposed to be. We are to live as the Messiah lived, therefore we are to be like little Messiahs.
  • Although many people think of Catholic Mass, televangelists, or religious tyranny when they hear the word "Christian," so do many people think of pornography, lesbians, and feminazis when they hear the word "woman." Does that mean women should disclaim that label in favor of "double-x person," or "non-man?"

It all strikes me as a little silly and a lot of choking over gnats. If you don’t like the term, don’t use it, but don’t insist that Messianic believers in Yeshua are absolutely not Christians.

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