Sorry, This Is My Reality, Not Yours

Many self-help gurus and two-bit philosophers insist that we are each able to shape our personal realities by force of will.

If I can change my reality by simply altering my thoughts and desires, and you can change your reality by altering your thoughts and desires, then at the very moment that our wills diverged from each other's, so too did our realities. You and I are not living in the same universe.

Neat, huh? It gets better.

Nobody on earth views the world in exactly the same way. Everyone thinks a little differently. Everyone wants something different. Therefore...

Everyone is living in a separate universe.

It then follows that all of the people you see walking around and interacting with your own pretend reality aren't actually real people at all, or, at best, are merely the shadows of people who only fully exist in universes of their own making.

Nobody is real. Nobody exists. Except you.





Of course, that's all complete bunk. There is one reality, and you're stuck in it with all the rest of us schmucks. No way out. No escape. You can't even get out by dying. If you die, you just move on to another mode of existence in this one and only reality.

Truth, facts, reality... These things can't be changed by fantasizing new facts. There is one God, one way of eternal salvation, and only two human genders. Everything else is just wishful thinking. Deal with it.

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