God Never Forgets or Annuls a Covenant

A: V2 - I am YHWH
    B: V3-4 - I made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob to give them the land
        C: V5 - I have heard the people groaning under the Egyptians
            D: V6 - I am YHWH
        C: V6-7 - I will rescue the people from Egypt
    B: V8a - I will fulfill the covenant I made with Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob
A: V8b - I am YHWH

This chiasm in Exodus 6:2-8 demonstrates that God cannot forget or annul a covenant because faithfulness is an inherent aspect of His character. If He is YHWH and He never changes, then He will never forget His covenants.

Even more interestingly--and one of those characteristics of the text, which testifies to its divine origins--is a second chiasm embedded within the second half of the first:

A: V6 – I am YHWH
    B: I will bring you out
        C: I will deliver you from slavery
            D: I will redeem you
                E: V7 – I will take you to be my people
                    F: I will be your God
                E: You will know that I am YHWH your God
            D: Who brought you out of Egypt
        C: V8 – I will bring you into the land
    B: I will give it to you for a possession
A: I am YHWH

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