Declare God's Faithfulness

A parallelism in Deuteronomy 26:3-10 instructs us to declare God's faithfulness in fulfilling the promises He made to our fathers.

Deuteronomy 26:3-4Deuteronomy 26:5-10
Declare to YHWH the priest’s GodSpeak before YHWH your God
I have come into the landOur father went to the land of Egypt
YHWH swore to give to our fathersYHWH brought us back to this land
Priest shall take the basketNow I bring the firstfruit of the ground
Set it before the altar of YHWHSet it down before YHWH

A couple observations...

  • Abraham and Jacob are combined into a single character, the wandering Aramean, just as Israel is an amalgamation of the natural children of Jacob and the believers who have been grafted in from among the nations.
  • The petitioner isn't to tell the story in chronological order. Instead, he is to begin his offering by declaring that he has taken possession of the land that God promised to the patriarchs, and only then tell of how his ancestors were oppressed in Egypt. Then he is to state again God has brought Israel into the Promised Land. This is a chiasm embedded within the offering.
    • I have come into the land
      • God swore to give this land to our fathers
        • The Firstfruits offering
      • Our fathers didn't see the fulfillment of the promise, but went to Egypt instead
    • God brought us into the Promised Land

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